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Traveler Line Modication

Pictures provided by Gary Nelson, Reve, Catalina 400 #207

Traveler modification using PXRs


Traveler mod to one side. The Spinlock PXRs are rated for a 400 lb load and 3/8 inch line and the traveler has a 4 to 1 purchase. Jeff Church used them on his 380. He has pictures of them on his picasa album.

The Lewmar clutch next to the aluminum plate is for the main sheet. I replaced a clam cleat that came with the boat that got me into trouble more than once letting the main sheet go at a critical time. I did not like the fact that with the spinlocks, you have to take the load off with the winch before releasing them. I did not realize that and would release them without the winch. It's ether all or nothing with the spinlocks. With the Lewmar clutch you can release under a load with one finger pulling back and it also works as a clutch. You can bleed out a little line and stop it. I wanted something where my wife could dump the main in emergencies while I was at the wheel in the cold winds while she was warm under the dodger. There is one on each side. Most people tell me to rap the sheet around the winch but if you have to use the winch for one of the other Spinlocks. you're back to the same problem.

I made the line a continuous loop.