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Jib Furling Line Modication

Pictures provided by Gary Nelson, Reve, Catalina 400 #207

Jib furling line modication using a ratchet block.

Ratchet block is mounted on one inch starboard contoured to the one inch stanchion and bolted to the toe rail. The two U straps are made with 4 or 6 inch stainless steel tangs (West Marine # 251769). The tuning block is a West Marine # 4733516. I can raise it up and pull from the cockpit as well from behind the wheel. I had the Schaefer block lying around for years probably paid $25 years ago. $100 now. WOW!

Safety Warning! Tripping Hazard! This raises the furling line and with the station gate open, it creates a tripping hazard. I tie small ropes to the toe rail to keep the rope low and out of the way.