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Cabin Handhold

Pictures provided by Gary Nelson, Reve, Catalina 400 #207

I wanted a pole like the Catalina 470s have and came up with this idea. I bent a piece of 3/4 inch EMT electrical conduit to get the bend and then bent the stainless tubing filled with sand with a one inch EMT bender as a bonus. On a port tack, you can lean into the pole with one arm around it to use the sink. On a starboard tack, you can put your arm as a wing and hold on while using the sink from the bottom of the steps to the pole. It is very convenient.

I added this extension to the pole so I did not have to transfer a hand to the port side handholds. I bent a piece of threaded rod and covered it with lifeline vinyl to secure it around the mast pole. It makes a great clothes line.

There is a piece of starboard as a filler piece and the pole is bolted to the counter. I made a starboard plug for the end to keep bugs out. When I packed the sand, I used a piece of starboard taped on the bottom of the tubing while hitting the tubing on the cement. It drove the starboard inside the tubing making the plug. The pole is real stout.